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Est-ce que "Top Gun : Maverick' va-t-il raviver notre envie de lunettes d'aviateur ?





Midway through Top Gun: Maverick, in homage to the original Top Gun’s famous volleyball scene, Tom Cruise and his young acolytes frolic on the beach, playing a game of shirtless touch football. Cruise is just as bare-chested as the rest, clad only in blue jeans and his character’s distinctive, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. Glistening in golden hour sunlight, Cruise is resplendent.

The Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses Tom Cruise wears in Top Gun: Maverick were custom-made to suit the star’s face perfectly, a testament to the actor’s famed attention to detail.

“Tom is a stickler,” Marlene Stewart, Maverick’s costume designer, told The Daily Beast. “We had many, many fittings for the glasses. These are classic, Aviator Ray-Bans, and what I do and what costume designers do is you work with props, who is in charge of making the glasses. Altering them, customizing them. I’m in charge of the look, which includes the glasses, but I work in tandem with props, so that when we had a fitting with Tom, we knew of course that the Aviators were going to be on board. That was never a question.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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