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Les médias de droite trouvent un moyen vraiment minable de rejeter le plaidoyer de McConaughey en faveur de la réforme des armes à feu.




Murray Close/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey received praise this week for a heart-wrenching eulogy he delivered for the Uvalde shooting victims, recounting the horror inflicted on school children while calling for basic gun reforms.

And while even some Fox News hosts were moved by his pleas, other right-wing pundits immediately fired back with what they saw as a foolproof reason to ignore the actor’s message: McConaughey has been in movies with guns.

Speaking from the White House podium on Tuesday, McConaughey—who was born in Uvalde—delivered a fiery sermon aimed at spurring some legislative action to address the uniquely American crisis of mass shootings. While describing the damage an AR-15’s ammo does to a young child, McConaughey called for laws raising the legal age to purchase semi-automatic rifles.

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